Sashin Exists
My personal website where I write about science, philosophy and politics
My personal website where I write about science, philosophy and politics
I consider myself a writer before a Software Developer.
Sashin Exists is my personal website where I publish my work which comprise of over fifty essays spanning philosophy, science, politics, meditation and more.
Originally, I build personal website for myself with that same domain back in 2013 in University. I would write thought pieces and post them on social media and share them with my friends.
The very first one was on the naturalistic fallacy
It was built with WordPress with a number of plugins and extensions and a custom theme which I built and appropriately called "Sashin Exists". It had a very similar colour scheme of black and green that the current site has, but different specific shades.
There were a lot of things I didn't like about WordPress including how clunky it was, the fact that it used the aging PHP and all the features it was bundled with that I honestly didn't care about. I wanted something cleaner and lighter, and I wanted building a theme to feel just like building a static site with HTML, CSS and Javascript.
In 2018, I quit my full time Data-Entry job realising that there was no joy in the work at all and decided to purse writing full-time rather than as a side-project.
The first steps I made after quitting was to rebuild my website using
. Ghost ticked all my boxes in being modern, fast and pleasant to develop themes for. Building a ghost theme feels the same as creating a static HTML+CSS+Javascript website, with all the flexibility that entails.
I hosted my new website using a
Digital Ocean Droplet
where I installed an instance of Ghost.
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