Material Shell Website
Official Website for the Material Shell Project
Official Website for the Material Shell Project

About Material Shell

Material Shell was an ambitious project aimed at creating an alternative tile-based User Interface for the Linux Desktop. The purpose of the project was to remove all the stress of having to organise your windows across your workspaces and the unpredictability of where you put them later.
With all your open apps in a predicable place it was always easy to navigate to any of them in very few button presses.

About the Project

I was really enthusastic about the project and keen to help them while teaching myself more about making websites so I volunteered to create their website which I designed to mimic the look and feel of Material Shell itself.
I used
which I was interested in learning at the time. I've since changed my mind about them.
I originally was also learning how to use
Tailwind CSS
with this project, however the use of Google's
Material Design
made it impractical.
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